posted Jul.23.14 at 10:03 pm

HI GUYS.  I'm not dead.  Yet.  But I have been quite ill with a mystery stomach illness, and also anemia!  I'm two pints short so I will be converting my tip jar to be a blood collection center (note: I will not actually do this). I got a test done today to see whether or not I will have to have my gallbladder removed, but I think I've just got a stomach ulcer or something, or at least I am telling myself that because I haven't got the test results yet and I really would rather hold onto my gallbladder.

Suffice it to say my absence has been due to the fact that I've been sick like, 50% of the time up until I got some medicine a few days ago, since which I've only been sick like, 20% of the time.  Those crackers have been a good part of my diet until the past few days.  So I've been taking it easy, and when I have not been taking it easy I have been focusing on work I gotta do to pay my rent.  As you do.

I'm not sure when updates will be back.  I'm hoping sometime next week if things go okay, probably later if I have to have surgery, which I will hopefully find out tomorrow. 

Until then, have my DEEPEST REGRETS and also a nonsensical drawing.

EDIT: I know I usually don't do much (and don't have to do much, because you people are wonderful) to moderate my comments, but I am going to invoke "pet peeve" moderation in these comments when it comes to unsolicited medical advice.  As much as I appreciate y'all's concern, I actually do have a doctor, and neither I nor my doctor are idiots.  If my doctor was an idiot, I would not be giving him my business.  I am also currently at home in Houston, which has one of the most sophisticated medical centers in the world.  Several of my high school friends now work in that community, and I have several years of experience to know that they are neither idiots nor sadists.  I am sure that in this town of five million people I can get any necessary medical help from trained professionals.  As such I will ask you guys to please refrain from making that manner of comment.

UPDATE: Test results back say my liver and gallbladder are a-ok! Since my current stomach medicine seems to be doing the trick, I'll be on that for a few months plus iron to my anemia.  So it looks like I should be able to get back to comics fairly soon! Thanks for the well wishes!

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